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protestasis network

Proteostasis in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease

Aging is an enigma. It is an essential part of life and yet we struggle with the consequences of aging. Aging is the basis of innumerable age-associated diseases and strongly linked to the onset of neurodegenerative disease. We consider that many of these issues are rooted in age-dependent changes in protein biochemistry and the misfolding and aggregation that occurs in aging. This program project grant brings together an exceptional team to develop a fundamentally new approach to aging and decline in proteostasis as the basis for aggregation of Tau, SOD1 and polyglutamine proteins in neurodegenerative disease.

Research Projects

Project 1

Project 1

Dissecting the aging-associated decline in cellular proteostasis

Project 2

Project 2

The proteasome as a modulator of neurodegenerative disease

Project 3

Project 3

The autophagy lysosomal pathway: Regulation by progranulin and its role in neurodegenerative disease

Project 4

Project 4

Organismal proteostasis in aging and neurodegenerative diseases


Core B - Sensors & Tools

Core B

Sensors and tools for proteostasis analysis

Core C - Phenotypic analysis

Core C

Phenotypic analysis and global proteostasis network assessment by TMT-MS3 proteomics

Core D - Proteostasis regulator small molecule pharmacology core

Core D

Proteostasis regulator small molecule pharmacology core